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B.Quiet 2-4 Person Acoustic Meeting Pod

$16,799 inc. GST

  • Fitted with 1 x LED light (4w 400k)
  • Comes with 4 x ventilation fans, controlled by a door triggered sensor
  • Speech level reduction of 30DB
  • Air replacement: every 1.8 minutes (total air flow: 2680L/min)
  • Fitted with heavy duty castors for easy movement for relocation
  • Overall size: 2200H x 2200W x 1200D, internal size: 2080H x 2100W x 930D
  • Table: 500W x 700W x 640H with rectangular flat plate base underframe
  • Doorway width: 840mm
  • Sofa overall size: 1070W x 580D x 680H each, 2 sofas per pod
  • Sofa seat height: 390mm, seat depth: 450mm, back rest height: 290mm
  • Exterior finish: black powdercoat
  • Interior finish: GP18 dark grey eco panel
  • Table top finish: black melamine (2 x 50mm radial corners)
  • Table base finish: black powdercoat
  • Sofa finish: 1333 light grey fabric with 30mm black powdercoat tube legs
  • Carpet finish: dark grey
  • 45mm hidden frame glass door, 10mm safety glass to rear & 6mm safety glass to door – finished with black silkscreen print, black powdercoat German doorware, 3 x heavy duty stainless steel hinges
  • Power outlets: Hager Allure WBHP2SUSBAC-MB – 10Amp double internal powerpoint with USB A + USB C charger in matte black

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Materials & construction

Egg crate acoustic foam
Egg crate foam provides strong noise reduction and is widely used for sound control in recording studios, vocal booths and control rooms. The foam also assists with reverberation reduction and echo prevention for clear audio.

BQ-MPOD-Egg Crate Foam

A sandwich element chassis
Acoustic sandwich elements are made from fire-safe materials including sheet metal, gypsum board, recycled acoustic foam and acoustic felt with excellent noise-insulating and noise-absorbing properties.

BQ-MPOD-Sandwich Element

Acoustic absorption panel
Composed of compressed mineral wool or foam, sound absorbing acoustic panels absorb sound waves to reduce general noise, clarify speech and limit reverberation in walls within enclosed areas.

BQ-MPOD-Acoustic Panel

Portable & easy to assemble

Save space
The bottom of the Rapidline Acoustic Pods are fitted with 4 heavy duty castors for easy movement and relocation. When the pod is in the desired position, the castors can be retracted and leveling feet activated.

Save time
The installation of the Acoustic Pod is quick and efficient. You’re not waiting for someone to measure, cut, and assemble each panel. The entire pod is made of prefabricated modules and can be easily installed by a small crew within hours.

BQ-MPOD-Save Time

Save cost
The Rapidline Acoustic Pods save on material costs, labour, delivery and storage fees, while providing a space for employees to take private phone calls and host meetings in an open office environment without the need to relocate to a larger office building.

Built-in features targeted at user experience

Door: German doorware
Glass: 10mm saftey glass with aluminium frame
Floor: Anti-static and stain resistance low loop pile carpet

Fans: Fitted with ventilation fans, controlled by a door triggered sensor
Light: Fitted with 1 x LED light (4000K)
Power outlets: 10Amp powerpoint and USB A+C charging ports
  All Sizes – Built-in table surface
  Meeting & large pod only – Built-in seating in the meeting size pod

Noise reduction: Up to 30DB
Power consumption:
  Single and Work Pods – 10W; 4W light, 6W fans
  Meeting and Large Pods – 18W; 6W light, 12W fans

By design

The average distraction time is every 11 minutes, and 25% of lost time is due to distractions in or near work areas. Providing a place where people can escape visual and audio disruptions assists with increased concentration and productivity.

Ventilation fans
Filtering fresh air in from the outside helps circulate air through the pod, preventing users from breathing stuffy, less oxygenated air, and keeping the space fresh and inviting.


Ergonomic design
Ergonomic furniture design improves posture and alignment of the spine, it prevents arthritis and reduces the number of work related injuries.

ISO16000-6 tested

When you choose Rapidline B.Quiet Acoustic Pods, you can have peace of mind knowing less harmful pollutants, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released into the office air for your employees to breathe. Paints, fabrics, furniture, carpets and building materials all often release VOCs that cause allergies, migraines and asthma. According to a report by the European Respiratory Review, “The possible health effects of indoor VOC exposure are a cause for concern, given that people in general, and children in particular, now spend most of their time indoors.”

Chemical Rapidline Acoustic Pod Test Results Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
Permissible Exposure Limits (PELs)
Formaldehyde 0.008 mg per cubic metre 0.614 mg per cubic metre
Benzene 0.0034 mg per cubic metre 3.195 mg per cubic metre
Methylene Chloride 0.0232 mg per cubic metre 87 mg per cubic metre
Toluene 0.0333 mg per cubic metre 638 mg per cubic metre
Hexane 0.129 mg per cubic metre 1800 mg per cubic metre

Preventing deforestation

Fifteen Trees
The role of forests is fundamental for the conservation of the planet, they not only retain 45% of the carbon of the earth’s surface, but also contain a large amount of flora and fauna that is vital to our ecosystem. Choosing eco-friendly furniture alternatives such as the Rapidline B.Quiet Acoustic Pod helps to prevent deforestation and illegal logging of endangered species.

To further lower our carbon footprint and reduce carbon emissions, as a company, we have proudly partnered with Fifteen Trees, an Australian-owned independent reforestation organisation. Partnering with Fifteen Trees allows us to take further positive steps towards reducing our environmental footprint, protecting and restoring Australian rainforests, and supporting local indigenous businesses through the supply & localised planting of trees.

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